Locking content on a WordPress blog

Unlock is a protocol for membership which lets anyone lock access to their content in a fully permission-less way.

For example, the next paragraph is only visible to people who have a key to the lock located at the following address: 0xb0114bbdce17e0af91b2be32916a1e236cf6034f. Others will see a message asking them to become members now, with a button to actually do so 😉

🎉 Thanks for being a member! Did you know that your membership key is a non fungible token? This means you can trade it on platforms like OpenSea, or transfer it to someone else…

You are not a member yet, our membership is actually free (you only pay for gas!). Want to try and get access instantly?

If you too want to start monetizing your content, start by creating your first lock!