Demo – Unlocking a Story!

We’re Missing an Entire Universe of Web Payments: How to Fix the Web for Creators Creators have three options for surviving online: closed marketplaces, recurring subscriptions and invasive advertising. It’s time for something new. You’re in an arcade. This arcade has a million machines.Instead of coin slots, the games have different payment methods. Some are…… Continue reading Demo – Unlocking a Story!

Demo: Unlocking a music file!

Hi there! This is an example of a post where you can unlock locked content! When you unlock this post, you’ll get a surprise track from an album. Click to Unlock! Lock not working? Use the Rinkeby test network in Metamask. Hooray! You successfully Unlocked the content! Here it is: Ho, and by the way,…… Continue reading Demo: Unlocking a music file!

Ethereum turns 5

This year, Ethereum turns 5! Unlock this video by our special guest about the next 5 years of Ethereum! This video is free (you just have to pay for gas!) and you will receive the NFT in your wallet. console.log(‘SO??’); Unlock Video!

Let’s lock content

Hello hello! This is a sample post showing you what happens when you lock content! You should become a member! 🙏JOIN US Congratulations! You’re now a member!