Demo: Unlocking a music file!

Hi there! This is an example of a post where you can unlock locked content!

When you unlock this post, you’ll get a surprise track from an album.

Lock not working? Use the Rinkeby test network in Metamask.

Hooray! You successfully Unlocked the content!

Here it is:

Ho, and by the way, your wallet now has a unique NFT representing your access key to this track!

How to do the same thing:

Install Unlock for WordPress and follow the documentation here:


  1. Deploy your Lock following the instructions on this page.
  2. You are using to host a WordPress site yourself ( website will not work as plugins are restricted on that platform.)
  3. Install the Unlock plugin for WordPress


Inside the admin section of your WordPress site, click on Plugins > Add New

In the search bar on the plugins page, search for “Unlock Protocol”

Search for the plugin
Click on “Install Now”, and then on “Activate”.

After this, you’re all set and you can start locking content on your posts! or pages!

Last! Using the Unlock plugin

Create a new post! You’ll see the Editor with Post settings on the right.

Add your lock configutation there.

Enter the configuration for this specific page or lock

The configuration is very flexible and lets you customize the number of locks, the calls to actions, the images… and more! Please read this section to get a list of options.

Locking content

The plugin also adds 2 “blocks” to your Gutenberg Editor. The first block lets you hide/show content based on whether the current visitor owns a key to your lock. This block can include other blocks so you can easily lock images or any other content.

The second block is actually a button to let your visitors purchase an access key to your lock.

Showing content to members only (hiding it for non members)

Like any other block, click on the ⊕ sign to add an “Unlock Protocol Block”.

Once added to the page, the block contains a visual indication (only when editing the post!) to show the block’s status: you can easily toggle between content that’s only available for members and content that is not available for members.

From there you can add more content which will only be visible by members. The Unlock Blocks can include their own nested blocks, making it easy to lock images, videos, or even attachments.

Showing a button to let visitors become members

The Editor also lets you chose a “Checkout Button” which users can click on to become members! You might want to add this button inside of a “non-members only” block!

Once added to the page you can customize its text. The button defaults to the template style.

Make sure you save your post or page once it’s been configured!

All done!

Make anything interesting with Unlock? Submit it to Unlock Showcase!

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